Reeded Panels - The rounded acoustic panel

A softer shape and a softer material for a cozy touch


New rounded acoustic panels (Reeded Panels)

New rounded acoustic panels (Reeded Panels) A brand new acoustic panel with rounded shapes. For a more pleasant sound climate and a cozier feeling. Choose between acoustic panels in MDF or in fabric with a velvet feel.

The acoustic panel is here to stay. Even though the appearance changes and gets updated. Now we see rounder shapes inspired by nature, both light and white lacquered oak as well as some darker elements from smoked oak will be available among the panels that can be pre-ordered already now, with delivery in April - 24.

The acoustic panel with the round shape also comes in soft velvet-like fabric. White, light gray, and dark gray will be available among these soft panels that create a cozy feeling in the bedroom, living room, or in any room that needs a softer touch. The panel can be placed both vertically and horizontally and is easy to install. It has a sound-absorbing plate behind it that dampens unwanted noise. This fabric panel can also be placed as a soft headboard behind the bed.

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