Industrial walls for rooms with preserved natural light ingress

Create an open and bright feeling in your home with our affordable industrial walls! Our glass walls are made of painted aluminum and safety glass. Easy to assemble with the possibility to build different sections of walls and accompanying glass doors yourself to create more rooms and new possibilities."

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Glass walls for your home or office 

Nooli offers glass walls and glass doors for all rooms in your home.

In the living room, bedroom, and kitchen to create more rooms and clear delineation, but also for public environments such as conference rooms, offices, and studios.

In an office landscape, our partition walls maintain the light and create new rooms and possibilities for privacy. Feel free to check out the category "lined industrial glass" to see our new lined glass that camouflages what is behind, perfect in a Walk-in-Closet or as a door to a pantry, or why not replace traditional interior doors for a modern feel."

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