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With our lined industrial glass, the light is maintained while what is on the other side of the glass is camouflaged. Perfect for a pantry, a Walk-in-Closet, or for the rooms where you want to create a modern feeling without sacrificing light.

Ribbed industrial glass for a modern feel 

Ribbed glass can provide a certain level of privacy by reducing visibility and creating a barrier between spaces. It can be used in areas where you want to maintain natural light entry but also need some form of privacy. It can help create pleasant lighting and reduce excessive exposure to direct sunlight. Our ribbed glass is manufactured with various safety features; it is laminated, which increases durability and safety

Lined industrial glass creates a modern feeling

Ribbed glass can assist with light control by diffusing light in a way that clear glass does not. It can create a more pleasant lighting and reduce glare or excessive exposure to direct sunlight. Ribbed glass can be forgiving in terms of visible dirt and fingerprints compared to clear glass. The pattern can conceal everyday dirt and make maintenance easier

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