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Glass doors for a bright modern home 

With our white or black lacquered industrial doors, new rooms are created with retained light. Why not replace traditional interior doors to create a completely new feel in your home. Clear safety glass for a lot of light or lined glass to camouflage what is behind in a wardrobe, for a pantry, or for a bathroom."

Lifelong durability, certification according to European standards & CE marking

Choose glass walls for our doors to create larger affordable combinations, like this one where two walls have been added to create a completely new bedroom in a living room. The advantages of aluminum are that it is not as heavy to work with as steel (which makes it easier since many customers choose to install themselves), but at the same time, it has lifelong durability and excellent stability.

New - glass doors with ribbed glass

Ribbed glass provides a decorative and sometimes more private feel compared to completely transparent glass. Ribbed glass can contribute to creating a level of privacy by breaking up the completely transparent surface. It allows natural light to enter while reducing visibility and providing some screening of what lies behind the door. Despite the patterning, ribbed glass still allows light to pass through, which is particularly useful if you want to maximize natural light in a room or between different parts of a building.

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