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The acoustic panels create a cozy atmosphere

 As a bonus, they provide sound insulation. Given today's open floor plans and high ceilings, acoustic panels bring a homely feel to all rooms. Our acoustic panels are available in three colors: white lacquered oak, smoked oak, and light oak. These panels are also suitable for office environments and public spaces as they function as sound absorbers. In open office landscapes and large office areas that often require more sound absorption, the wood panels offer a warm and modern impression, contributing to an improved working environment.

Acoustic panels in White Lacquered Oak, Light Oak, Smoked Oak.

If you'd like to try the acoustic panels in your home, please feel free to order a sample to see which color suits your space. The panels can be placed on both walls and ceilings, in bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, or wherever you want to create a cozy atmosphere. If you're seeking a warmer impression that also exudes Scandinavian design, our light oak is an option that embodies "Japandi," a trend that combines Japanese simplicity with the bright Scandinavian feel, a style that is becoming increasingly popular.

A beautiful acoustic panel is timeless with the right interior design and material choice. Our acoustic panel is available in several variations. Choose from MDF with rounded delightful shapes in colors; White Lacquered Oak, Light Oak, Smoked Oak. We also have an exciting new addition for our ribbed walls, check out our latest acoustic panel in velvet. It all simply depends on the color scheme you want to maintain in the current room and the style you are aiming for. Acoustic panels also work wonderfully in office environments as they provide sound absorption. Open office landscapes and large office spaces require good sound absorption, a wooden panel provides both a warm and modern impression while

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